The Best Way Ever to Teach the Technique of Cut Blocking!

The Rod Blocking System is the brainchild of Mitchell “Coach Rod” Rodrigue.  Eight years ago Coach Rod was looking for a better way to teach his players the fundamentals of “cut blocking.”

He wanted  a system that would free coaching staff members from having to hold a single bag while working with one player at a time.  He wanted a safe system that gave players the proper aiming points to execute legal blocks that would minimize injuries.  And he wanted a durable mobile system that was easy to setup and use.  These needs gave birth to The Rod Blocking System, THE ONLY BLOCKING SYSTEM OF ITS KIND.

The Rod Blocking System automatically resets itself after full contact and without the need for the assistance of any additional personnel. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, with or without full dress or pads.

The system mainframe is made from square steel tubing that rolls on locking wheels and blocking dummy bags that are attached to the overhead mainframe.  This makes it very portable, so it can easily be moved indoors during inclement weather or to other practice venues.

Shown below with the included extended frame and support bar for even greater stability.
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Product Improvements

Engineering and patent update: Following the demonstration and videotaping of THE ROD prototype it was determined by our coaches and engineer that a few improvements would make THE ROD BLOCKING SYSTEM even better. So, we made the horizontal rod even stronger.  We strengthened, increased the weight and reinforced the blocking dummies. We also concluded that of the three different connector mechanisms tested, the bushing apparatus out performed the pillow block bearings and the steel on steel.  We have upgraded our wheels and the wheel locking mechanisms has also been modified and simplified.

SAFETY DISCLAIMER :  Helmets should be worn at all times when using THE ROD blocking system  Also, it was determined that three 55 lbs rubber weights on each end of the system provided the best counterweight and was ideal for stability and anchoring.